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Updated Jul 9, 2015 - 3:03 pm

Six ways to fight back against scorpions

Have you found a scorpion in your backyard?

With our monsoon humidity and searing heat, summertime can definitely be bark scorpion season in Arizona. Here are tips on keeping those critters from turning your yard and house into theirs.

Get a move on

Scorpions may have moved in (or been “relocated”) when their territory was disrupted by construction, experts at the University of Arizona said. They can also hitch a ride in loads of river rock, gravel or the box for that new tree you planted. Inspect those items well before you move them into your backyard, garage or home.

Clean up

Scorpions love to hang out in stacks of earthen pots or in the saucers under plant containers as well as piles of firewood or boards, leaves and branches and stacks of rocks or bricks. They also hide among dried-out palm tree fronds. Carefully clean out those outdoor nesting areas along with the bottoms of outdoor furniture and barbecue grills. Always wear tough, protective gloves for the job.

Seal it up

Scorpions can easily squeeze into your house through teeny little openings. You’ll want to put new weather stripping around doors and windows. Be sure to caulk around roof eaves and any pipes in your walls that create gaps or cracks (e.g. check under all your sinks!).

Cut back

Cut back tree branches and heavy brush hanging around the sides of your house that scorpions could be using as a “super highway” to get into walls, wall cracks or onto the roof.

Hunting time

Scorpions are more likely to scuttle around and explore outside at night in summer when they hunt insects and spiders. That’s when you can use an ultraviolet black light to make scorpions glow in the dark; then you can spot them and destroy them (carefully of course).

Phone a friend

Lastly, if you’ve done all this and you’re still experiencing problems, be sure to call a Rosie-certified exterminator to come out and treat your home from top to bottom.

Most adults who are stung will probably recover quickly (though it is VERY painful for a while) but children and older family members should get medical immediately. Phoenix Children’s Hospital recommends keeping cribs away from walls, along with several other suggestions.

For more extermination tips, visit Arizona’s largest collection of homeowner DIY advice, information and FAQs at and search under “Extermination.”

When the project is bigger and not something you want to tackle yourself, visit our list of Arizona’s very best contractors or service providers. It’s Arizona’s most-trusted referral network.

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