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Rosie on the House

Updated Jun 17, 2015 - 9:08 am

How to prepare your home for monsoon season

Monsoon season is next week!

That’s right, June 15 has been declared the start of monsoon season in Arizona. You don’t have to think back far to remember how powerful our monsoon season can be.

Less than a year ago, in September 2014, we received two storms that delivered more than half of the region’s annual average rainfall, flooded interstates and washed homes and property down the Agua Fria River! With that in mind, we wanted to share a few actions you can take to prepare you and your home for this season’s heavy storms.

Ready the roof for driving rain

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Now is the time to have your roof patched and get to know a roofer who can help in a crisis. Does he have an emergency number to call after-hours? You should also install gutters and downspouts to divert downpours away from your house. Keep those gutters and scuppers clean and free from debris. Clean off the valleys between sections of your roof.

Trim up your trees

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You can save your trees from serious damage by thinning them out now so that the storm winds blow through branches instead of knocking them around. Pruning trees can also protect against branches hitting and damaging tiles or shingles.

Dodge the dust

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If your home air-conditioning filter does its job during a dust storm, it will catch dust before it enters your ductwork or gets on the coils. But if dust clogs your air filter, it can make your unit work harder. We recommend changing the filter once each month with a quality paper, pleated filter, especially during monsoon season. Always wash off your patio after a dusty storm. Remember, if you’re in your car during a dust storm, pull off the road until the air clears.

Evade electrifying issues

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You can help prevent electrical surges due to lightning or power problems by hard-wiring a whole-house surge protector directly to your electrical service panel. These devices operate like a giant version of surge protector strips. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install these units. These whole-house protectors even protect every motor in the house, from the refrigerator to the air conditioning unit!

Look out for lightning

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Lightning can be an inspiring and powerful phenomenon to watch, but very deadly.Popular Science reports from 1995 to 2008, there were 648 deaths from lightning strikes and 82 percent of those deaths were men! Arizona gets more lightning strikes than any state except Florida and most occur during monsoons. If you hear thunder, you may be close enough to be struck by lightning. Take shelter in sturdy buildings or hard-topped vehicles. And a special reminder to the guys: it’s not worth the risk!

Forgo flash floods

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Flash floods in Arizona are very common during the monsoon, even in developed areas. Never drive into a flooded roadway and never drive around barricades — remember, it’s illegal to do so through what has been dubbed the “Stupid Motorists Law.” If you wait an hour or so in a safe place, much of the water will drain away. If your home or neighborhood is in an area susceptible to flash floods, make sure you have defined alternate and SAFE routes to your home. If you only have one way in or out, make sure you’ve determined a safe place to meet and wait it out.

These are just a few actions you can take to ensure your house, home, castle or cabin stays safe and makes it through another of our legendary Arizona monsoons. You can find more ideas and answers to other questions in Arizona’s largest collection of homeowner DIY advice, information and FAQs on

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