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Updated May 20, 2015 - 5:45 pm

5th grader suspended for carrying Nerf gun ‘bullet’ to school

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Aarin Moody, a fifth-grader from New Jersey, found himself in serious trouble after a teacher discovered a modified Nerf gun “bullet” in his pocket, according to

The Uptown Complex School student was reaching into his pocket on May 8 to hand his teacher a late note from his mother when a foam bullet from the well-known Nerf gun toy fell out of his pocket.

Officials from the Atlantic City School District identified the toy as a “self-constructed weapon” because it had a toothpick stuck in it.

Aarin was then given a five-day, in-school suspension and a notation on his permanent record stating that he brought a makeshift weapon to school. Officials told Aarin’s mom that the fifth-grader would originally be suspended before lessening his sentence.

The student told Fox News the toothpicks were used to allow the bullets to stick to the ground after being fired from the toy weapon, not for malicious intent.

“They want me to like say that I did it on purpose, (that) I put it in my pocket to hurt someone,” Aarin said.

Aarin’s mother, Michelle Moody, said her son suffers from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and has experienced anger management issues in the past. She believes the suspension escalated after she filed a complaint against the board for harassment issues from a supervisor while she served as a substitute custodian for the district.

Aarin returned to his regular classes on Monday, but was placed on a probationary period.


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