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Updated May 15, 2015 - 4:53 pm

How to break up with your significant other without the hassle

Are you looking for an easy way to dump your significant other without having to do all the dirty work?

That’s where Break You Up comes in!

The new service, created by 23-year-old Max Thorley, offers customers an outlet to write or send a text, tweet, letter, etc. to get them out of their current relationship.

“I’m keen for them to outsource that misery to me,” Thorley said in an interview with Yahoo Makers. “Clients just need to share their feelings and I’ll get the ball rolling in a fun, witty but unequivocal way that softens the blow and allows all parties to move forward in their lives.”

The service does not just do relationships, according to its website. It will also help you quit your job, kick out your roommate or anything along those lines.

Thorley has even demonstrated the service by breaking up with his cellphone provider.

While you may avoid an awkward conversation or even a slap in the face, there still is a price to pay for using the non-confrontational service — about $8 per message.


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