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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes - August 20, 2018 - Hour 1
The Pope reacts to the sexual abuse going on in the Catholic Church. 
Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes - August 20, 2018 - Hour 3
How long does it take for the average person to save up for a down payment on a house in Phoenix?
Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes - August 20, 2018 - Hour 2
Diane Douglas says Arizona will be getting rid of the AzMERIT test. So what will replace it?
The Think Tank with Mike ONeil - Frederick Clarkson talks religion, politics on the Think Tank
Author Frederick Clarkson chats with Think Tank host Dr. Mike O'Neil about the influence of religion on politics.
Arizona's Morning News - National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd
Discussed the details and happenings behind Arizona Governor Ducey's upcoming attendance of a White House event honoring ICE personnel.
Arizona's Morning News - Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 20th, 2018
An all too familiar story: A tragic end to promising young lives because of drunk driving.
Arizona's Morning News - ABC News Correspondent Marci Gonzalez
Gave further details about ICE officials detaining an illegal immigrant while he was driving his wife to a doctor's appointment.
The Right Side of the Trade - The Right Side of the Trade 08/19/18 "Turkey's Can't Fly"
The Right Side of the Trade 08/19/18 "Turkey's Can't Fly"
Rosie on the House - August 18th, 2018: Hour 4
Tap water is safe, but the hardness can give it an off taste and leave scale in pipes.  George Funkhouser of All About Water discusses the technology and systems to improve your home water quality.  The levels of water treatment like reverse osmosis (RO), filters, softners, even whole home water systems.  George explains how it all works.  Plus questions on getting RO in an apartment, treating well water, evaporative cooler pad issue and more
Rosie on the House - Water Treatment with Jack Eversol
A discussion about water treatment from Jack Eversol of Kinetico Tucson.  Throughout Arizona and other places, water can be too hard, smells a bit off or doesn't taste as good as it should.  Hard water can make cleaning more difficult and cause scale in your water pipes.  Jack talks about ways to improve the water quality in your home with various filtration, softners without salt and purification systems.
Rosie on the House - August 18th, 2018: Hour 1
Former Managing Editor Win Holden and Editor Kelly Kramer of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS Magazine discuss its beginnings nearly a century ago.  Its become one of the most popular state magazines in the country known for its incredible photography, stories and its influence on Arizona tourism around the world.  
Rosie on the House - August 18th, 2018: Hour 2
Jay Harper of The Farms Choice talks about the time to start planning your fall garden, tree planting and winter lawns.  Plus many other tips on getting your ground ready, what to plant and types of shade trees.  
Rosie on the House - August 18th, 2018: Hour 3
Tom Reilly of Renovations remodeling joins Rosie to discuss recent news about water resources.  Sources, consumption, shortages, conservation.  What stories are true and not true.  Update on construction.  Plus callers have questions about windows, roof coatings and more. And Bruce Yacko of the Jaws Cleaning System talks about his streak free, eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.  Jaws:  Just Add Water!
Doug Hopkins Flippin' Real Estate Show - 8-18-2018: Flippin' Real Estate Show
Featuring Doug Hopkins from and Kevin Kosisky from Homebridge Financial Services.