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Updated May 4, 2015 - 11:24 pm

Is it possible for millennials to have a quarter-life crisis?

Is it possible for a millennial to go through a quarter-life crisis?

Fox News’ Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary, said she had such an experience at the age of 25.

She described it as:

I was racked with anxiety, filled with fear, and totally confused about what I was going to do with my life. I felt like everything I’d visualized for my early adulthood wasn’t coming true, even though I had an enviable career path, good friends, no debt and a supportive church group. Still I was lost. I didn’t tell anyone about my feelings, but I thought it made me sound fairly pathetic.

She said she first assumed that quarter-life crises were mostly experienced by young women, but after mentoring younger people in recent years, she has realized that several men go through similar conundrums.

Perino offered several tidbits of advice to any millennial that is going through a similar situation — or who thinks such anxiety will be on the horizon.

• Should you go to graduate school? Perino said to ask yourself if getting an advanced degree increases the chances of getting a job you really want. She also said to make sure you have the flexibility to leave work and study full time, or to see if your employer can help pay for the degree.

• Make a job wish list: Write out everything you want to do in a job — as well as everything you don’t want out of it.

• Be willing to move and open to leaving your place of employment — even if it’s the “gold standard” in its industry — for the right opportunity. Consider moving to a new place where there are opportunities to gain experience and take on more responsibility.


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