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Updated Mar 30, 2015 - 4:13 pm

Use your weekend for a more productive work week

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Everybody’s working for the weekend, but that could be the time to turn yourself into a more successful person.

Successful people use their weekends more productively to lead into a more efficient week, Forbes reported.

Spencer Rascoff, co-founder of and the CEO of Zillow, is just one of those fortunate people who can successfully balance work and home life without compromise.

Here are a couple of ways other prosperous people, like Rascoff, find balance between work and weekend.

Wake up at the same time

While sleeping in on the weekends feels refreshing, studies have shown that having an inconsistent wake up time leaves you feeling groggy and tired. This not only wastes your day off, it makes Mondays harder since your brain is not ready to wake up at a normal time.

Give yourself time in the mornings

Help yourself wake up at the same time by engaging in a passionate activity first thing in the morning. The mind reaches peak performance around four hours after waking up, so get up and move!

Schedule micro-adventures

Plan an activity that you have not done before for your weekend. Having a nice hike or a play to look forward to makes the activity that much more enjoyable.

Pursue a passion

Engaging in a passion during the weekend helps relieve stress and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Disconnect electronically

By not disconnecting, you are not only missing out on valuable time you could spend on yourself or your loved ones, it makes refocusing and re-charging that much harder. If that is not possible, designate certain times during the weekend to check emails or listen to voicemails.

Minimize chores

While weekends might feel like the only time chores can get done, they tend to take over your weekend pretty easily. Schedule chores during the week and use the weekend to finish any chores that did not get done.


Innovators and other successful people often use exercise to spark their creativity. Just 10 minutes of physical activity release neurotransmitters that release stress.


By removing the usual weekly distractions, it is easier to think about the larger forces that shape your industry, organization and job. Use this time to alter your approach for the upcoming week.

Spend quality time with family

A busy week can really hinder quality time with your spouse, children and other family members. Time spent with family is essential to recharge and relax.

Prepare for the next week

Spending as little as 30 minutes conducting a plan for the following week makes the week seem a lot easier to manage.


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