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Updated Jun 19, 2013 - 1:20 am

Welcome to Men’s Health Week and the New Man Up Arizona

Today kicks off Men’s Health Week, a worldwide event to bring attention to health issues that affect men’s health. It also marks the official re-launch of Man Up Arizona 2.0. The goal of Man Up Arizona is to provide men of all ages in Arizona with resources on how you can be healthier. I’m excited that we are kicking off the week with several topics that are traditionally the top health issues that affect men, and also the easiest to fix.

But let’s back up for a second. Before we talk about what those top health topics are, let’s talk about the idea of Men’s Health Week. The week happens every year leading up to Father’s Day. You’ll see and hear a lot about all the things about our health this week, and after Father’s Day the media blitz from all the various health agencies will die down a bit. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about these topics every week, especially as we get older. So remember to check out our information about men’s health at Man Up Arizona, because here we don’t just focus on Men’s Health Week, but our health for a lifetime.

The top things that kill us are heart attacks and cancer. While we can’t prevent everything, we can all take some pretty simple steps to make sure we are doing our best to live long, healthy lives. So this week, in celebration of Men’s Health Week and the re-launch of the site, we’re going to post a new blog every day that will help you eat better, be more active and reduce your risk for cancer.

Be sure to check the site every day this week for new information. In the coming weeks, months and year we will be giving you a lot more valuable health information. But we won’t be posting it daily, because my goal is to give you some health information, not bore you to death with things you don’t want to read. That would be counterproductive to my goal of helping you live longer.

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